From Antikythera to Telematics: Our 2,000-Year-Old Love Affair with Technology

We marvel at the latest high-tech gadgets and their far-reaching innovation because of their capacity to outthink us.  Once upon a time, the latest high-tech gadget was not an app in our smart phone that predicted the weather with great accuracy, but a device called a Antikythera, a sort of computing device, or orrery that was used to compute the phase of the moon, position of the sun and was the rock star of its day.  With the turn of one crank, the solar alignment for that day slid into place to the astonishment of those around.  The device was used to predict eclipses and measure the position of the sun, moon, stars and planets. If you had to navigate by the stars, this was the GPS that would get you to understand their alignment.  The device was on board a ship that wrecked some 2,000 years ago.  The wreckage was found by Greek fishermen in 1900 but the device wasn’t properly identified, nor its purpose really understood until an archeologist identified the mechanism in 1902.

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The ancients must have felt about this device what we feel from the effects of telematics on our lives today.  Telematics is the interdisciplinary field that brings together telecommunications, vehicular technologies, engineering and computer science.  Like the single gear analog computer that was cranked to show the alignment of the planets on any given day, telematics is used to manage a fleet of vehicles and monitor certain conditions as they move from one location to another at any given moment.   This is keen to keeping a tight schedule for a huge chain like Home Depot that moves millions of items each week.   Luckily for us, we all can tap into the power of today’s online shopping innovations through our smart phones, and save some good old-fashioned money by using Groupons.